Future-Now Carpets

Commercial & Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning in and around the Calgary area should be as specialized as the people and the climate. We bring that to your business
We feel that our customers are extensions of our company and as a result we do everything possible to treat them like family and friends.  And as an extension of that your staff and clients are an extension of ours.
On larger commercial jobs we use larger equipment to allow us to accomplish what you need us to in a time efficient and cost efficient manner, but that doesn't mean we resort to using harsher products to accomplish this.  What it does mean though is when we can keep our costs in check we can pass those savings onto our clients.
Residentially we pride ourselves on ensuring everything we use is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children.  We are happy to say it is the same for commercial and industrial cleaning also.  Your staff and clients should know that if they should bring a loved one into your work place it is safe for them and that we have left no toxic or harmful products in or on the carpets.  We do everything we can to ensure this is the case by only using envirnmentally friendly products.
Commercial and Industrial carpet cleaning is a unique part of our business.  Due to our unique climate and weather conditions we feel it is important to work with our customers to ensure they are getting the right service at the right time of year to best serve their needs.
When we quote out a job for a customer we break it down in sections depending on the size of the job.  We quote out the job at a set price but we don't demand that you get everything done every time in order to get that price.  We then work with you on a schedule that will allow you to acheive the results you want at a potentially reduced cost because we may only be doing part of the total area on a given date, but we keep the per square foot pricing the same as if  you had done everything at once.
We also don't ask our customers to sign a long term agreement in order to get their pricing.  We feel that if at anytime you don't feel we are your best alternative or we haven't done the job you were hoping for you should have the right to discontinue using us without any financial repercussions towards you or your organization.  That is how confident we are that you will love what we do.
We understand that your business needs to be up and running when your customers need you. That is why we are committed to work when you need us. We clean your carpets when it's convenient to you and your schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to serve you.

We Provide Some of the Best Green Carpet Cleaning Services in the Calgary area.
The following services are provided
  • Pre-vacuum all areas to be cleaned as required
  • Professionally clean all carpeted areas as quoted
  • Remove all stains if possible, unfortunatly not all stains can always be removed, but they are the anomally not the norm (No Additional Charge)
  • Dry all carpeted areas that were cleaned
  • Post-vacuum all carpeted areas that were cleaned
  • We also use a carpet protectant and a deodorizer on all areas cleaned, so as to leave the areas as fresh as if you were at home (No Additional Charge)
  • Carpets are dry when we leave and we return small items to where they belong, if we moved them
  • Every business is unique so we set up a specialized plan with each client so that we only move what they would have us move and we don't touch anything they don't want touched.