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Customer Testimonials

I have a large dog and the basement suite I had rented had carpet throughout the entire suite. My dog had found a large area he enjoyed peeing on.....this being said I had probably a 3' x 3' area with large stains. Afraid of losing my damage deposit I started my research by reviews and quotes. Future now carpets were not only a reasonable price they weren't going to charge extra for a "deep clean" like others. I had quotes from 100 - 400 for my suite. Future now came in cleaned the carpets and not only got the stains from my dog out but also got pre-existing stains out that were there when I moved in. I highly recommend these guys especially for anyone who has pets and are worried. What other companies charge 100-200 extra for they do with no extra charges. They also do a before and after vacuum and the carpets are left dry when they leave. Extra plus I had no issues getting my damage back :) Great work Zac and the rest of your team!!

Cheers Emily

We had Future Now carpets come in and clean our carpets. We sell a lot of bird seed products and some of the product inevitably ends up on the floor. It then gets tracked across the lino and onto the carpet. The oils in the seeds leave quite a mark and get worked into the carpet with all the traffic we have in the store. Gerald came in and worked on our carpets until we were happy with the result. It is a credit to Future Now Carpets that they provide the excellent level of service they provided. We will continue to use them for all our carpet cleaning requirements.
Dave Schoepp
The Wild Bird Store
I must admit that I really thought our carpet needed to be replaced due to the graying around the edges, and was so pleased after the cleaning, to have even looking cream colored carpets again. The customer service was amazing, Gerald even invented a tool to better get those gray edges that other cleaning companies had left behind. I loved being able to walk on my carpets so quickly after you finished and knowing that environmentally friendly products were used.
Tammy (Chestermere)
" Bring on the Parties!"
Once my husband and I became empty nesters, after our sons went off to university, we thought we would finally have a clean lower level family room. What we didn’t anticipate was the frequent weeks of school breaks, where our boys came home with a car load of friends.
Needless to say, the carpets went from bad to worse with staining. Unsuccessful at getting rid of the stains, we just lived with it for a couple of years… until we heard of Future-Now Carpets Ltd.
In one short evening, our carpets looked like new. It was amazing to see how some of the stains we thought were impossible to remove, just simply disappeared! We were able to have our entire basement back to normal by the time Future-Now Carpets left.
Now I look forward to our sons and their many friends coming home to party! (for the most part…)
"Future-Now Saved Me Over $40,000
in Carpet Replacement!"
"I own the Entegra Business Centre in the Centre 70 Building on Macleod Trail and after 2 separate companies came in and cleaned my carpet, one using steam cleaning and the other using traditional carpet cleaning, it was obvious that I needed new carpet because 24 hours later the carpet looked like it hadn't even been cleaned. Then I met Gerald of Future-Now Carpets and he literally saved me $40,000.00. After only 1 cleaning my carpet looked almost like new! Don't waste your money on others, call Future-Now today!"
Peter Singleton,
Owner, Entegra Business Centre, Calgary.
The room seems much larger
A note of thank you for cleaning my rug.  The room seems much larger (This is the first time in eight years) - I am truly grateful.  May God bless you in your endeavours with His Peace, Love and Health & Contentment.
Thanks again
Ruby S.