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Future-Now     Carpets
Since 2013
We are your Professional Carpet Cleaning Company
Future-Now Carpets was founded in 2013 with the idea that as it continues to grow it will continue to help others.
In 2015 we are happy to say that we were able to donate items to two seperate seniors facilities that will allow their respective recreation departments to do special activities with the residents that they otherwise couldn't have.
We don't simply want to clean the environment of our clients to make them look better, but we want to ensure those very environments are not only cleaner but healthier for everyone that enters them.
We believe that family is incredibly important and that we should always do everything we can to protect and keep our families safe.  That is why we view our staff, friends and clients as family.
We pride ourselves on being dependable and on time.  We don't expect our clients to wait for us to show up we book set times to ensure we can be there when we say we will be.
All of our technicians are willing to help.  We love to work with everyone and as such if they need help moving items so we can clean the entire area we will do this if it's possible.